The 5 best customisations for your 4×4 vehicle

Hey there 4×4 enthusiast, we’re going to dive straight in, and take a look at 5 of the best customizations you can make to your 4×4 vehicle. Customising your 4×4 can enhance both its performance, off road capabilities and overall appearance.

The best upgrades/enhancements that you can make to your 4×4 vehicle will typically depend on your specific needs, and the type of terrain in which you are looking to conquer. Are you simply heading off the beaten track or are you conquering the top of Scotland.  

The seven best customisation upgrades that we have identified are the following: tyres, suspension, underbody protection, winch, exhaust systems, lighting, and performance tuning. We’ll take a look at each of these individually…


High-quality tyres can significantly improve both a vehicles performance on tricky terrain but also improve a vehicles appearance. Brands such as Maxxis and BF Goodrich produce chunky aggressive tyres that are great in the ruff stuff, and will also enhance your vehicles appearance dramatically.  

When choosing a suitable 4×4 tyre there are three main options to consider: a traditional road tyre, an all-terrain tyre, or a mud terrain tyre. Standard road tyres are suitable for everyday normal road driving, produce limited road noise and offer good wet grip performance.

All terrain tyres do exactly what they say on the tin, more rugged than a traditional road tyre, slightly nosier, and suitable for a variety of terrain. All terrain tyres tend to be a favourite among landscaping companies, shooting clubs and caravan owners as they demand that all round performance.

Finally, mud terrain tyres are the roughest of the bunch. They offer uncompromised off-road ability with aggressive tread patterns and a go anywhere appearance. The downside with all terrain tyres is that they tend to be rather nosier than traditional and all terrain pattern tyres. Should you require any further advice regarding which tyre type would be best for your requirements then a member of the team at ‘VEA Automotive’ will gladly be of assistance.

Suspension System:

Upgrading a vehicles suspension for either heavy duty springs and shocks or lifted suspension can provide better ground clearance and improved handling over rough terrain.

Heavy duty springs and shocks can withstand more punishment over the rough stuff as the springs and shocks compress less. This not only increases a vehicles performance, but also results in a more aggressive off-road appearance of the vehicle.  

Lifted suspension is a common favourite among the 4×4 industry as they seek that enhanced grown clearance for that monster truck goal. Lifted suspension is something that we choose to put on our bespoke pick up 4×4’s at ‘VEA Automotive’ as it enables us to fit an oversized wheel and tyre package to make the vehicle look wider and taller. Should you require an upgraded suspension setup, then we can assist with this and fitting at our Staffordshire based premises at ‘VEA Automotive’.

Underbody protection:

Underbody protection is one of the most important and cost-effective modifications that you can make to your 4×4. The bottom of your engine is exposed; therefore, underbody protection provides coverage against rocks, debris, and other obstacles.  They are especially important if you plan to do a lot of rock crawling.

Underbody protection can be supplied with a range of different formats and colours and will also enhance your vehicles appearance should you be opting for that rugged offroad look.

Performance tuning:

The sky is the limit when it comes to performance tuning, however, the most common modifications are ECU software upgrades, performance air intakes, and exhaust systems.

ECU software upgrade – often known as a remap; this replaces the standard software within the vehicles ECU with a custom update. These software upgrades can be either for performance or economy. The majority naturally opt for a performance software upgrade where ECU deliveries more fuel and air into the engine resulting in more BHP and torque.

Performance air intakes – with a performance air intake, your 4×4 can breathe more efficiently resulting in smoother acceleration, and better performance. These can be supplied by companies such as K&N., Revo, or Racing line.

Exhaust systems – One of the primary reasons 4×4 owners opt for a upgraded exhaust system is to improve engine performance. A more efficient exhausts system can reduce pressure allowing the engine to expel exhaust gases more effectively. This can lead to improved brake horsepower and torque generated from the engine.

Another one of the common reasons for opting for an upgrade is improved sound and tone. Enthusiasts seek that aggressive sportier exhaust note that draws the attention of passersby.

Enhanced lighting:

Additional slighting such as LED light bars and spotlights are a common favourite of the discerning 4×4 owner. These not only provide enhanced visibility during nighttime adventures, but also can improve a vehicles appearance with that go anywhere appearance.

We stock all the major brands of lighting and you can discuss your requirements with a member of our team to find the suitable product that offers great performance at a cost effective price.  

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