The all new Ford Ranger – by VEA ®

The new Ford Ranger certainly has a lot to live up to when compared to its predecessor. Ford sold bucket loads of the T7 and T8 generations as with some styling enhancement they could deliver that ‘American pickup look’. This new one is certainly here to make a statement, square boxy aggressive looks, framed LED lights and a less commercial like interior.

Above and beyond these subtle changes by Ford, VEA Automotive based in Staffordshire have gone one set further. They take vehicles in their standard form and totally redefine them to make a statement on the road. Standard procedure from VEA; taller, wider, and totally redefined. From the huge 20inch American specification wheels, to the 2inch lifted suspension, wide body styling and blackout styling. You are certainly going to see this coming!

VEA Automotive are now taking orders on these vehicles with interior upgrades also available. Vehicles start from £54,999 + Vat.

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